Educational Fundraising: Rebecca Roth

The 2014 recipient of the GEAC Award of Excellence in Educational Fundraising is Rebecca Roth, senior director of development at LaGrange College.

Skills honed during Rebecca's more than 10 years of service in the field of educational advancement are evident in the giving rates posted by LaGrange alumni, trustees, volunteers and faculty/staff. 

Under her direction, alumni participation increased to almost 16 percent for the last fiscal year. Her leadership resulted in 100 percent participation by the Board of Trustees for three years in a row; 100 percent participation of a core volunteer group for two years in a row; and an outstanding 93 percent participation in faculty/staff giving for the last fiscal year.

Colleagues praise Rebecca as “the professional’s professional,” “tirelessly supportive of others in the department,” “an eager learner,” and an “active community volunteer.”  In short, she is the kind of colleague we would all love to have.