Alumni Relations: Meredith Johnson

The 2014 recipient of GEAC’s Award of Excellence in Alumni Relations is Meredith Johnson, interim executive director of the University of Georgia’s Office of Alumni Relations. 
In 2001, Meredith moved to Atlanta to work for the college’s alumni association as its first Atlanta Program Coordinator based out of a new facility in Buckhead. Over the years, she has put various signature programs into place, from alumni gatherings to college tours. She oversees all alumni engagement activities, including student programs, young alumni outreach, regional programs, communications and collaborative projects around campus.

An “interim” status may seem like an unsettled place to be; however, with her level of understanding of the field and love for her alma mater, she has moved the shop forward through programs and events as well as her skillful leadership. In 2010, Meredith started a program called “programming with a purpose.” She recognized the need to identify ways that alumni programs could be purposeful, measurable and a tool for cultivation.

She sets clear expectations, empowers others, communicates directly, collaborates respectfully, and always keeps her eyes on the future with a positive approach. Thanks to these qualities, she has built a solid foundation of collaboration and purposeful engagement that will benefit the college for years to come.