Outstanding Newcomer: Carol So

The 2014 Outstanding Newcomer Award is presented to an individual whose exhaustive, and likely exhausting, efforts have yielded a very impressive string of successful and effective programs for the Emory Alumni Association.

Carol So joined the Emory alumni staff in 2011 as coordinator of student programs and quickly established herself as a superstar in the division.

She developed a strategy to engage Emory’s international student population, collaborating with key partners across campus to organize programs like the first International Student-Alumni Roundtable, a welcome reception and history hunt for incoming international students, and 11 Thanksgiving dinners that matched more than 40 Emory students with alumni, faculty and staff hosts, including trustees and board members.

In addition to growing programs for international students, Carol also led the growth of Emory’s Dinner with 12 Strangers program. She manages Emory’s Legacy program, as well as one of the association’s largest signature programs, Emory Commencement Weekend.

Beyond program and event management, Carol has a strong voice in communications and marketing and campus outreach, reviewing communications plans and incorporating opportunities to strategically promote the Emory Alumni Association’s programs to as many audiences, through as many avenues, as possible. She even played a key role in revitalizing the Emory College Campus Yearbook, which hadn’t been published since 1989.

In her short time at Emory, Carol – now the assistant director for student and alumni programs – has already earned the respect of colleagues across campus. She is poised to do great things in higher education advancement.