Outstanding Newcomer: David Cantrell

The 2013 recipient of GEAC’s Outstanding Newcomer Award is the type of newcomer to educational fundraising that every senior development professional hopes to have an opportunity to guide and direct. David Cantrell has an inherent drive and initiative to learn the science, as well as the art, of his profession. He possesses a genuine interest and concern for his institution’s prospects and donors; and he embraces the institution’s mission and vision.

In 18 months as a major gifts officer for Georgia Regents University, Cantrell has developed outstanding relationships with faculty, staff, peers, prospects and donors. He has traveled extensively throughout the Southeast and up and down the East Coast, cementing relationships with key prospects and donors. As a result, many gifts have been closed, including donations from individuals of $50,000, $60,000 and, most recently, a $400,000 estate gift. Currently, Cantrell is working on a $2 million estate gift to support research.

Cantrell quickly earned the respect of his colleagues through his hard work, amiable nature and focus on results. In doing so, he has provided example for all to follow.

By Jennifer Hafer, GEAC Awards Committee
Public Relations Specialist, Kennesaw State University